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Natural Face Care Set

Natural Face Care Set
Natural Face Care Set
Natural Face Care Set
  • Stok: Stokta Var
  • Model: DGLYZ
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VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO Designed to add volume and fullness to all kinds of hair, especially ..
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SOINS ORGANIC FACE CLEANSING GEL Suitable for all skin types. Sebum-balancing. Support..
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Soins BB Cream 30 SPFSoins BB Cream contains sunscreen. It also moisturizes the skin and evens out the skin tone, so it can be used for makeup&nb..
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SOINS  JASMINE COLOGNE  Gives off the aromatic, intense, and unique scent of delicate and elegant jasmine flowers. Refreshes and revitalizes..
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Face Cleansing Gel

Deep cleanses the skin while supporting natural cell regeneration. Has a healing and moisturizing effect. Deep cleanses the face and makeup residues.

250 ml

Face Tonic

Unclogs the pores by removing dead cells; minimizes pores. Anti-aging. Helps to repair skin damage.


Face Care Serum 

Gives the skin a smooth appearance. Prevents skin dehydration. Helps to lessen the appearance of dark spots, scars, and wrinkles. Evens out the skin tone. Anti-aging.
30 ml

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