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Face Care Serum (Certified Organic)

Face Care Serum (Certified Organic)
Face Care Serum (Certified Organic)
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Face Care Serum (Certified Organic)
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The active ingredients and essential oils in its blend balance skin moisture and contribute to the regeneration of damaged skin cells.


Supports the restructuring of the skin and helps to restore its natural glow.


It is formulated for quick absorption without leaving grease.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweetgum Thus, Cypress Oil, Vetiver Oil
How to use:  After applying the facial cleansing gel and tonic, activate half a pump of serum in your palms by rubbing them together, and apply it to the entire face with tampon motions, starting from the décolleté area. Can be applied to normal and dry skin in the morning and in the evening (can be applied more/less frequently depending on the need). For combination and oily skin, it is recommended to be used at night before bed  once or twice a week.

Important Note: The essential oils in its content can cause staining on the skin when exposed to the sun. Therefore, make sure to apply the serum at least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.

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