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Shampoo (Certified Organic)

Shampoo (Certified Organic)
Shampoo (Certified Organic)
Shampoo (Certified Organic)
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Suitable for all skin types.
Sulfate, betaine, and silicone-free.
Since it does not contain heavy detergents, it foams relatively less and cleans the hair with its organic ingredients.
Helps maintain scalp and sebum balance.
Gives the hair follicles the moisture they need.
Prevents hair breakage.
Unclogs the pores by clearing dead cells and enables your scalp to breathe again.
Supports the formation of new hair thanks to its nourishing ingredients.
Repairs hair strands and gives the hair a more shiny and vivid look.

Ingredients: Tamanu, Coconut Oil, Tiaré Flowers, Unpasteurized Honey, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Black Oat Seed Extract, Cypress Oil.
How to use: Suitable for daily use. Can be used by both men and women. Foams less than other shampoos due to its predominantly organic ingredients. The hair needs to be rinsed at least three times to be completely cleansed of product residues. Run the shampoo through wet hair by massaging the scalp. Keep it on for around 3 minutes, then thoroughly rinse your hair. Avoid contact with eyes.

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