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Tonic (Certified Organic)

Tonic (Certified Organic)
Tonic (Certified Organic)
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Tonic (Certified Organic)
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Perfect product for daily care.
Suitable for all skin types.
Moisturizes the skin and maintains sebum balance.
Unclogs the pores by removing dead cells; minimizes pores.
Anti-aging, helps to repair skin damage.
Thanks to its rich blend, supports cell formation.
Reduces redness and dark spots; prepares the skin for makeup.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Geranium Oil.
We think that you should start the day by caring for yourself. Rose, which has the highest vibrational frequency among all scents, symbolizes love, purity, and simplicity. As Soins, we are committed to give you a euphoric feeling with our pure and organic products with rose extract.
I am ready for all the beautiful things that will make me smile today, I welcome them with love, miracles are with me...

How to use: During your daily skincare routine, apply the tonic to the face and décolleté area after applying Soins Facial Cleansing Gel. You can apply Soins Facial Tonic, a refreshing mist, whenever you feel the need to moisturize your face.

Important Note: If you have sensitive skin, the aloe vera in the product may cause allergic reactions such as redness and burning. Do not worry when you experience such reactions. Your skin will calm down shortly and you will achieve smooth skin.

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